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  • Improved Productivity, Reduced Training Time, Increased Employee Engagement

  • Divide your content into categories and organize articles by topics, themes, and sub-themes. Each piece should treat one question (or problem) only.

  • The purpose of a knowledge base software is to provide information that will enable your customers to have a better experience using your software or product. Knowledge base software also makes agents more efficient by providing customers with self-service options for simple tasks.

  • The knowledge repository consists of documents and information and includes a structured internal knowledge such as <b>research reports that interpret raw information, techniques, methods and policies, memos, presentations, articles,committee reports and an enquiry-tracking database (it is the ‘Ask a Librarian’ service of the library)

  • The majority of works are licensed under a <b>Creative Commons Attribution license (CCBY), the most liberal of licenses offered by Creative Commons.</b> It allows anyone to use,reuse, distribute, and build upon the organization copyrighted material – even commercially – as long as the organization is given credit for the original creation. No prior permission is required to do so. Other content available on the KRP — such as externally published material — may be available under different licenses. All content is clearly labeled in the KRP with the specific license terms under which it may be used.

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